I refuse to believe you didn't care.

Tell me you felt nothing. The first time we were in your room and you kept scooting closer to me because at that moment all you wanted was for me to be next to you, so close that you could feel the heat from my skin onto your own.

Tell me none of it was real.

Tell me that the first time I held your hand in mine and our fingers weaved together never crosses your mind.

Tell me it was all one-sided.

In fact, tell me it was all in my head and maybe that will make your absence easier on me.

Tell me to stop fighting for you…

For us.

If I am wrong I will walk away forever.

I will leave you alone along with the possibility of what we could have been.




I am in love

So madly in love with the world


The feeling of the night

I like an addict with the need to get my next hit

The longing for cold air kissing my skin or to feel the grass all around me as I lay in the center is unbearable

The moon offers Solitude for spiraling individuals

And suddenly falling feels like flying

…and everything will be ok



I am sure there is not a star in the sky that does not glance upon you in jealousy

Maybe it's the strands of gold and sun in your hair

Perhaps it's the way your eyes reflect of the evergreen forest

Or maybe just maybe it's the stars that rest upon your very skin

All of which sparked my own curiosity

And as I drew closer to get a better look

I fell

Instantly Enchanted and enamored

Utterly captivated by you

You are my Achilles heel

Although I couldn’t love you eternally, I have loved you with my entirety



Envious sea green shores

Jealous of the Ocean.


Jealous of how free it is.

No one can tell it what to do or where to go it listens to no one and demands to be heard, refuses to remain silent.


Jealous of freedom I can never obtain.


Somehow madly in love.

With every spray of water or droplet that lands upon my skin it's like a kiss from the ocean itself sharing a bit of its beauty, its boundless infinite love.

She will by far surpass my lifetime, I will wither and disappear and it will forever remain the same.




Stay for you


My sweet boy.

I do not need you.

You are merely a passerby in my heart.

For when you leave, I will continue on.

Loneliness may visit, but in her, I am found.

Dust forms on the walls, yet the sun still shines does it not?

I do not need you, but you are always welcomed here.